R White Home Office Desk Set with Drawer, English Oak

£ 429.99

The R White Home Office Desk Set with Drawer is a high quality piece of furniture with a contemporary feel. It has everything you need to create a comfortable and relaxing workspace. It would make a great addition to any home office environment. It’s a durable desk, crafted from furniture quality MF Cab, which is heat and scratch resistant. The top panel is 18mm thick with a 40mm overhang at the rear. All of the other panels are also 18mm, as well as the back panel that ensures strength and rigidity. * Your furniture will arrive as two fully assembled pieces * Please be aware that the furniture is superior quality and may be heavy * You may need assistance with room placement * Made in Britain * Approx. Dimensions (mm) H 728 W 1200 * Please note that this product is shipped direct from our supplier and may take longer to arrive