Medi Therapy Gel Mattress - King Size (5' x 6'6")

£ 1 364.86

The Medi Therapy Gel Mattress contains advanced technology designed for sportspeople and those with active lifestyles who need a therapeutic and reenergising sleep every single night Expertly engineered from the bottom up the 1000 pocket sprung multizone structure offers support and pressure relief to every part of the body while still allowing natural air to flow throughout the mattress keeping you fresh even on the hottest of summer nightsThis 27cm deep mattress also includes state of the art gel foam padding and specialist Climate Cool Fabric for a crisp refreshing feel BugGuard technology is also incorporated which helps prevent dust mites or insects getting into the mattress and efficiently neutralises any that doWhether youre a sportsperson or just a healthconscious consumer with an active lifestyle you can be sure that every night will bring an excellent nights sleep with this advanced therapeutic mattress