Lurex Ortho Mattress -

£ 284.49

At MattressNextDay we believe that to really enjoy the benefits of reflex ortho foam you need a layer which is at least 9 deep preferably 10 This mattress has a 10 layer of pure reflex foam which is more than deep enough for you to be able to experience the pressure relieving properties to the full What we like so much about this mattress is that with most mattresses featuring 10 of reflex foam you could expect to pay way more than you will do for this oneThe durable highly resilient reflex foam system will stand up to all sorts of stresses and pressures that might be applied to it making the mattress as a whole a longer lasting mattress that never needs to be turned or rotatedThe cover is a stretch knit fabric incorporating an airflow edge which means it is really easy to take care of and keep fresh The mattress is hypoallergenic making it more beneficial for adults who suffer from allergies or asthmaPlease note this is the firmest mattress in our orthopaedic range and gets a rating of 5 out of 5 so you can rest easy knowing the Lurex Ortho will do the job