baroque sideboard antique style chest of drawers buffet rococo MoBa0629

£ 971.26

  • We build after you have ordered here. Shipping time max. 8-12 weeks (not 3-5 weeks).
  • Pic-up yourself. Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00 Sat 12:00-16:00, LouisXV, In der Schlenke 32, D-59192 Bergkamen, sms004915233872669
  • Replicated original (new), produced like antique. 100% handmade, classic natural materials. LouisXV: Baroque ... Biedermeier.
  • Measures: 37.4/18.5/40.6 inch (Length/Deepth/Hight)
  • As manufacturer and importer, we can also consider many requests for changes. Tel.0049 2306933374 or sms/wahtsapp/mail